Wilson Portrait.png
I can perform amputations if anyone'd like to wear it for real.


Willow Portrait.png
I haven't pegged down what this does yet.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Is best battle trophy!


Wendy Portrait.png
But where's the rest of the peg-person?


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
What a curious choice of object for use as a weapon!


Woodie Portrait.png
Can I chop this?


Waxwell Portrait.png
Good for whacking.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
This leg will make a fine basher!


Webber Portrait.png
This be our smackin' leg.


Walani Portrait.png
Is it weird to just have one?


Warly Portrait.png
Why on earth do I have this?


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Woodlegs had better hold on ta this fer future use.


Chân Gỗ là một Vũ Khí chỉ có trong DLC Shipwrecked. Nó gây cùng sát thương như Giáo và chỉ có 50 lần dùng. Chân Gỗ chỉ có thể tìm thấy trong rương kho báu ở Điểm Đánh Dấu X.

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