Don't Starve Together đã được cập nhật kể từ bản thử đầu tiên trong 2014.

Đợt 1

Don't Starve Together bắt đầu với một bản thử giới hạn 3 tháng Mười, 2014, gọi là "Đợt 1". Bộ bốn Khóa được tặng cho 100 của những người kiểm bản thử Don't Starve đầu tiên cũng như một vài thành viên tích cực của cộng đồng. Một số ít khóa sau được phân phát trong vài tuần kế tiếp trong quà tặng Twitch và các khuyến mãi khác.

Đợt 2

"Đợt 2" bắt đầu cùng cập nhật lớn đầu tiên "...In With The New". Vài trăm khóa đã được đưa ra hằng ngày cho 80,000 người dùng những ai đã đăng ký trong bản thử giới hạn.

Đợt 3

Vào 15 tháng Mười Hai, DST bước vào bản thử rộng rãi dưới dạng Early Access trên Steam. Nó cũng có sẵn với $5 nâng cấp gọi là "Frontier Pack” cho những người mà đã sở hữu một bản Don't Starve.

Patchnotes sửa

March 25th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 131517


  • Improved consistency of auto-attack behaviour between keyboard/mouse and controllers
  • Updated groggy animations for players

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem finding files on certain Linux filesystems
  • Fixed a crash checking an invalid display when going into the settings screen
  • Fixed a rare crash transitioning from gameplay to front end
  • Fixed a crash when running out of memory during a physics update
  • Fixed a bug where clients sometimes attack air when prediction is disabled

March 20th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 130891


  • Added "skip_workshop_update" to the [MISC] section of settings.ini, which when set to true will bypass the Steam Workshop update
  • When running out of memory write an error to the log and exit rather than crashing randomly. Windows builds will also display a message box before exiting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash when getting disconnected from server while crafting a placeable item

March 16th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 1302444


  • Added temporary logging when leaving a game to try to track down a crash
  • Added logging to Steam startup to try to track down Mac Steam initialization issue

Bug Fixes

  • c_rollback() now properly reloads the world after rolling back the snapshot files
  • Fixed a rare crash when a Pig Torch runs out of fuel

March 12th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 129926


  • Improved server snapshot system no longer has any additional performance impact over auto-saving
  • Fully supported snapshot rollbacks through the server admin screen, as well as in-game console command (c_rollback())
  • c_reset() debug command no longer has slot deleting functionality. Instead it takes an optional parameter for if we should save the slot before restarting the sim.
  • Added c_regenerateworld() debug command for generating a new world in the active slot. The current world will be deleted.
  • Added useful warning message for Dedicated Servers with misconfigured Steam ports

Prevent hdd sleep and system idle sleep while game or dedicated server are running (Windows and OSX)

  • Added "-skip_update_server_mods" and "-only_update_server_mods" command line parameters for dedicated server. This controls if we want to update the mods in dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua, and if we want to quit once the downloads are finished. This is meant to be used by hosts that are running several dedicated servers on a single machine.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare crash when exiting the game
  • Resuming an auto-saved game will now restore the session to prevent losing or duplicating items
  • Fixed rare server crash when a player who has timed out is simultaneously kicked
  • Fixed rare crash caused when activating a steam join link while connecting to a server
  • Fixed a crash that was a result of being disconnected while auto-downloading server mods
  • Fixed rare crash when unzipping mod data

March 6th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 129286

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing a player’s hit recovery to be too long while auto-attacking and too short while spamming attacks
  • Fixed a crash when shutting down via the console while a player was talking

March 5th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 129194

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where abandoned Abigail flowers did not always decay properly
  • Fixed bug where players could cancel out of some busy states by spamming controls

March 4th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 129059


  • Added support for mouse wheel scrolling of lists on OSX and Linux

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with games not appearing in the LAN server browser
  • Fixed a crash when shutting down a dedicated server via remote console
  • Fixed a rare crash when shutting down a client hosted server via the console
  • Fixed issue where browsing servers caused a large amount of Steam API warning spam.

March 3rd, 2015 sửa

Rev. 128953


  • Dedicated servers now check to see if their mods are out of date, and announce it to the server when they are out of date.
  • Top mods is now displayed on the Mods screen.
  • Added MOD API call: SetModHUDFocus(focusid, hasfocus) for mod widgets to block player input the same way as other HUD widgets do
  • Updated icon art
  • Wendy changes:
    • Abigail flowers will automatically disappear after being abandoned for 3 days
    • Abigail flower can now be crafted
  • Players will have a better chance of finding basic resources when spawning into long running Wilderness servers
  • Modified threaded renderer, threaded physics and alternate gc experimental options so they can be set from settings.ini (use_threaded_physics and use_alternate_gc under [MISC] and use_threaded_renderer under [graphics]
  • Implemented Steam friends join on Dedicated Servers.
  • Added “-backup_logs” command line option. Saves up to 99 backup copies of log.txt and chat_log.txt. After you reach the limit you will need to clear the backup directory to continue to receive backups.
  • Steam backend for dedicated servers. Steam authentication port defaults to: 8766, Steam master server updater port: 27016.
  • Ports can be configured through command line by adding:
    • -steam_authentication_port 123456 -steam_master_server_port 123457
    • or through settings.ini, under the [network] heading
    • steam_authentication_port = 123456
    • steam_master_server_port = 123457

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where controller crafting could access all character specific recipes
  • Fixed some client crashes when using controllers
  • Dedicated server console input now accepts spaces
  • Krampus won’t hiss if world gen was set to not use Krampus
  • Fixed fullscreen switching and resolution changing with threaded renderer.
  • Fixed issue in lua command c_connect( ip, port, password ) preventing it from working when not logged in, or when an unexpected password was required.
  • Fixed search filter “character” to show all results.

February 26th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 128375


  • Remove the oldest player skeleton only when the total count exceeds 100 (instead of automatically decaying after 10 days)
  • Disable a player’s indicator when they are in the dark or disguised as a bush
  • Disable controller prompts and action targeting on entities in the dark
  • Some minor Lua optimizations to mitigate performance spikes related to brains and entity queries
  • Improved logging of crashes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed shutdown crash when using threaded renderer
  • Fixed a crash when haunting blueprints
  • Fixed an issue where servers on which you had already played didn’t display your character in the server browser (OSX and Linux)
  • Fix for pond bushes failing to remove properly from the pond when being burned.
  • Fixed trying to add a component action from a mod to an existing component that already has an action component of another type.
  • Fixed a bug where entities could not be muted on a dedicated server

February 23rd, 2015 sửa

Rev. 127906


  • Sleep-inducing items now make players groggy before they get knocked out (and stay groggy for a bit after they wake up).
  • Added experimental alternate garbage collector to prevent running out of memory during worldgen. Disabled by default; and enabled with command line option ‘-alternate_gc’.
  • Added experimental threaded physics. Disabled by default; and enabled with command line option ‘-threaded_physics”.
  • Added multithreaded renderer. Disabled by default; and enabled with command line option ‘-threaded_render’.
  • Mods can now use AddModRPCHandler and SendModRPCToServer for client-to-server communication.
  • Mods can now use their own replicable components with AddReplicableComponent
  • Added support for Steam Controllers
  • Willow changes:
    - Willow’s fire damage reduction is now 50% (down from 100%)
    - Willow’s lighter now lasts for 20 clock segments (down from forever)
    - Willow’s lighter can now be crafted
    - Willow no longer lights fires when her sanity is low
    - Willow now takes 10% increased effects from sanity auras
  • Added “Account Info” page, which allows you to easily see your KU and generate server tokens. Found under, Play, Host Game / Account Info.
  • Characters can now be hidden from the player indicator by adding the tag "noplayerindicator".

Bug Fixes

  • Beefalo herds should manage their size better and no longer take over servers.
  • Fixed a bug where controllers could not use items in their inventory to repair or refuel
  • Fixed a bug where client ghosts disappear when force inspecting during movement
  • Fixed a bug where insane players were not able to attack shadow creatures
  • Fixed a bug where mouseover text sometimes becomes offset below the cursor
  • Fixed Lua assert when a treasure chest was placed in the world without any other chests present.

February 18th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 127317


  • Player skeletons will now decay after 10 days
  • Added profiler improvements to better analyze server degradation
  • We now log more information to analyze startup crashes that some users experience
  • Steam “played with” now works on Dedicated Servers.
  • DualShock4 controller icons on all platforms. Xbox360 controller icons on OSX and Linux.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in the mods screen when accepting “Clean All” with a controller
  • Inventory bar no longer processes controller input while hidden

February 16th, 2015 sửa

Rev. 127060


  • Dedicated LAN servers can now use any port in the range of [10998,11018]
  • Player status screen can now be toggled on with controllers - right thumb click by default
  • Show “LAN” in server list title when showing LAN/local servers (or in offline mode).
  • Improved controller combat targeting with ranged weapons
  • Improved controller targeting for catching projectiles (e.g. Boomerang)
  • Added “-nooverlay” command line option, prevents websites from opening in the Steam overlay

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed controller bug with targeting invalid entities for actions
  • Fixed controller crash for clients with prediction disabled
  • Fixed for mod issue where certain content was missing.
  • Fixed controls screen help text bug.
  • Fixed duplicate binds for controller input on the mods screen.
  • Fixed bug where boomerang sometimes remains spinning in the air indefinitely

February 12th, 2015 - Mac / Linux and Controller support sửa

Rev. 126778


  • Official OSX support added
  • Official Linux support added
  • Added controller support. Note: menus and UI screens are still being worked on. Controllers will work on some menus but not others.
  • /kiss emote added, Happy Valentine's Day! <3 MarkL
  • Modified profiler for more accurate stats
  • Adding warning when mod component actions get into a bad state.
  • Adding basic SimPause functionality.
  • Added metrics for enabled mods.
  • Add mouse wheel scrolling for scroll lists. Known issue: some lists don’t recognize this input when the mouse is hovered over certain parts of the list.
  • Event Announcer made more moddable and queue full functionality changed to push out the oldest items first.
  • Add display of how many servers are shown out of the total servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed assert related to FightStat_TrapSprung
  • Fixed read issue for adminlist.txt, blocklist.txt and server_token.txt on some machines
  • Fixed ice staff not working on enemies.
  • Bug fix for world gen override when no custom_options are present.

February 10th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 126333

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with client RPC encoding
  • Write log.txt to the correct folder when -conf_dir and -persistent_storage_root are used.
  • Dedicated Servers no longer load ping_cache.
  • Fixed intermittent hard crash when a user joins a server.

February 6th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 126042[1]


  • You can now join locally-hosted online dedicated servers through the LAN browser.
  • Added chat_log.txt for logging announcement and chat messages.
  • Added dedicated server world gen overrides. Settings are read out of worldgenoverride.lua in the Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether folder. An example of this is:
  • modoverride.lua files renamed/merged in to modoverrides.lua and moved to the configuration directory to allow multiple servers to run from the same installation with different mod setups.
  • Mods are now allowed to be specified by the Steam Workshop ID in modoverrides.lua and modsettings.lua.
  • Renamed servermods.lua to dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua.
  • Added “-console” command line argument for dedicated servers, allows users to input lua commands directly from the application window.
  • Added “-persistent_storage_root <AltPersistentStorageRoot>” command line argument for setting the root directory of persistent storage.
  • adminlist.txt and blocklist.txt now also functions in offline mode.
  • Enabled in game profiler to gain better insight in performance under load.
  • Early/Late season in server details threshold is now 5 days (was 3).
  • Set default tick rate to 15 on all platforms.
  • Added disconnect dialog for the case where a server is running a hidden mod and the user is unable to download it.

Bug Fixes

  • Player numbering on scoreboard now counts from 0 on dedicated servers.
  • World day on the scoreboard now updates while the screen is open.
  • Beefalo herds stop growing after a certain density has been reached.
  • Added < and > into the list of valid console characters.
  • Unnamed sounds can now be re-mapped via TheSim:RemapSoundEvent.
  • Fixed scroll lists from getting stuck on an empty page when the list shrinks to less than the viewable size.
  • Fixed server listing details deserialization bug.
  • Dedicated servers now disable all mods on boot so that previously enabled mods don't linger and stay enabled.
  • Fixed bug in adminlist.txt, blocklist.txt and server_token.txt where the last entry was not processed correctly.

January 28th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 125063


  • Mod version now has whitespace trimmed from the start and end of the string to correct the version difficulties with the Steam Workshop.
  • User can now specify -conf_dir or -config_dir on the cmd line for dedicated servers.
  • Follow camera code cleanup.
  • Added fps counter - activated via backspace key

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for DirectoryListing crash when directory doesn't exist.
  • Fixed a bug where players could emote while sleeping.
  • Fix bug serializing addcolor and multcolor.

January 27th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 124828


  • Make fire damage done via PvP scale the same as other PvP damage.
  • Reduce player’s burn time (and therefore damage from fire overall).
  • Mods downloaded for dedicated servers via servermods.lua are only downloaded when new versions are uploaded.
  • The mods screen no longer downloads mods if the local version is up to date.
  • Clean All button added to Mods screen. This button deletes all subscribed workshop mods and re-downloads them, it also disables all mods, deletes all of your mod configs and clears the temp mod download cache.
  • Mods can now access the mod config data of the local machine in addition to the temp config data they receive from the server they are playing on.
  • modoverride.lua is no longer deleted when updating to a new version of a mod.
  • Tallbirds and Tentacles may now switch targets depending on their latest attackers
  • Print version number to the log file on startup
  • Added additional dedicated server command line configuration options
    -players [1...64] sets the maximum players in a dedicated server
    -tick [15...60] sets the tickrate of the server
    -port [1024…65535] sets the port of the server
  • Added settings.ini for Dedicated Servers that pauses the game when no players are connected (defaults to false)
  • Fix various equipment items not being clickable on all parts of their visuals.
  • Boolean logic fixed in mod config data.
  • Second column mod config data saves correctly now.
  • No longer get erroneous freezing overlay while sleeping.
  • Characters will now wake up if they start starving while sleeping.
  • Fix crash on digging last grave in the dev graveyard setpiece.
  • Fix trees not correctly going to their burnt state when they go to sleep while on fire.
  • Disable firebug component (insanity fires) while Willow is sleeping.
  • Fixed a ‘black screen’ hang when joining a server during a Steam outage.
  • Dedicated servers no longer generate an unjoinable world when authentication fails
  • LAN mod listing screen no longer reports a version mismatch.

January 21st, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 124146


  • Players can now vote to kick others off of dedicated servers with no admin present. Votes require a minimum or three players, last for 5 minutes and must be unanimous - 1 to pass. If the vote passes the player is kicked from the server. Should the player return and get voted off again they will be temporarily banned for increasing intervals of 30 minutes (ex. second kick = 30 minute ban, 3rd kick = 60 minute ban, etc.). Bans are reset when a new world is generated.
  • Dedicated servers can now install mods and mod collections through a lua file in the mods directory named servermods.lua. Calls to ServerModSetup and ServerModCollectionSetup in this file, with the mod/collection id string as the parameter, will download and install the mods when a dedicated server boots.
  • TheNet:GenerateServerToken() now generates server_token.txt which is used for dedicated server authentication.
  • Display more information when failing to start a server or join a game

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash when attacked by weaponless creatures (like Tentacle)
  • Fixed bug with player ghost action picker
  • Fix tree artwork for Totally Normal Tree and Spiky Tree
  • Fixed a bug where beemines could still be picked up right after they are triggered
  • Fix crash in vote kick when the player being voted leaves the server before the vote ends

January 20th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 124021


  • Clients download the host’s mod configs now.
  • Client error messages are more clear now when they can’t join a server due to lacking the required mods.
  • Servers now get announce messages when their mods are out of date and stopping players from joining.
  • Dedicated servers can now enable mods and set mod configurations via a file in the mod’s folder named “modoverride.lua” (\mods\your_mod\modoverride.lua).
  • In Survival mode, if a world reset countdown is triggered due to a client losing connection, the countdown may now be cancelled if the client reconnects in time
  • Toggling the map screen no longer pauses audio
  • Display message when games are delisted due to a terms of service violation
  • Display UserID in the debug printout (backspace)
  • Override dedicated server save slot in settings.ini with:
    server_save_slot = #

Bug Fixes

  • Examining skeletons will now properly show the player killer’s name
  • Fixed a bug where players could still craft while frozen
  • Fixed a bug where Crock Pots can sometimes remain opened while cooking
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when using sleeping bags with a full inventory
  • Fixed a crash when taking an item from a Meat Bulb (Lureplant) that you already have a stack of
  • Windows dedicated servers now share the CPU
  • Added unique messages for client and server initialization failures
  • No longer loads MainScreen on dedicated servers
  • Fixed crash when a player joins during world generation

January 16th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 123591


  • Default behavior for giving items to other players is now the entire stack. Hold Control to give one at a time
  • You will no longer trade items directly into another player’s active cursor, and the trade will cancel rather than dropping on the ground if their inventory is full
  • Players can now right click to start cooking with a Crock Pot when it is closed and ready with ingredients
  • When Steam goes offline, users who have played recently will be able to continue to log in, join and create online worlds during the outage
  • Snapshots can now be enabled/disabled globally in the Settings screen. They can also be disabled per server in the Manage Server screen by setting the interval to OFF (0). If you had previously disabled snapshots through settings.ini this change will be preserved.
  • Added [network] secure_listings = true/false as a settings.ini option. This is useful in some rare situations where unsecured requests are being redirected by an ISP/3rd party.

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing [Enter] to chat no longer picks up the item under your mouse cursor
  • Fixed a bug where the camera may end up zooming indefinitely
  • Muted players’ chat will no longer show up over their heads
  • Non-player entities, such as the Meat Bulb (Lureplant), will now drop inventory on death as expected
  • Fixed a bug where Pig men were unable to find light sources at night
  • Fixed some threading related connection issues.
  • LAN servers ignore server_port override. This override broke LAN discoverability.
  • Fixed server side only mods from being left enabled when clients join a server without the mod.
  • Fix a rare crash when saving snapshots
  • Force LAN servers to use the default port, LAN servers on the non-default port can not be discovered through the server browser.

January 14th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 123177

Bug Fixes

  • Fix reversed character description strings
  • Fix client and server seeing different game modes on the scoreboard
  • Fix beefalo heat set to none in world gen options not working correctly
  • Fixed forcibly disconnected users not being cleaned up properly
  • Fixed bug where sometimes fire effects are not cleaned up properly

January 13th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 123045


  • New player colors for player names and portrait borders have been added
  • Shadow creature volume now scales according to visibility
  • Added “-conf_dir <AlternativeConfigurationDirectory>” command line argument

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a generic disconnect message would be shown instead of the detailed message explaining the reason.
  • Fixed an issue where joining Steam friends would fail from the main menu and Steam launcher
  • Fix willow's ghost starting insanity fires
  • Fix typos in bishop, rook and knight that could cause a crash in retargeting
  • Move "Remote:" to the left of the console input widget
  • Unlock DST characters even when going into offline mode
  • Fix typo in Willow's inspect for grass
  • Fix typo in WX's inspect for treeguards
  • Use strings table instead of hardcoded backup value for invalid name in chatqueue
  • Fix SetFocus crash in ScrollableList
  • Fixed long stall in Mods screen when Steam is in Offline mode.
  • Abigail now despawns properly when Wendy despawns in Wilderness mode
  • Fixed a bug where entities sometimes do not go home when they should
  • Fixed crashes when a player disconnects while sleeping
  • Fixed some cases where items can be lost when a player disconnects
  • Combining blowdart stacks on the ground no longer equips it

January 9th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 122690


  • Dynamic music is now enabled
  • Added net_event network variable type (see netvars.lua)
  • Added [network] settings.ini option to override dns settings
    e.g. override_dns =,

Bug Fixes

  • Learning a recipe will now trigger a sound only for the player using the blueprint
  • Fixed a rare crash when food spoils in your inventory
  • Fixed a rare crash when a Pig Torch is destroyed before it’s Guard Pig is killed
  • Fixed a bug where users would sometimes fail to authenticate when joining friends games through Steam.
  • Fixed several situations where games would be unjoinable due to network timing issues

January 7th, 2015 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 122454


  • Server listings now show if you have an existing character on that server
  • You can now filter server listings by servers you already have a character on
  • Server listing details now show what season and what day the world is on.
  • Server listing details now have a button to view the world generation settings used for that world.

Bug Fixes

  • Players joining a server where all players are dead now have a correct message on the world reset timer.
  • Fix pressing ESC on world gen customization screen erroneously prompting you to discard changes when in view mode.
  • Fix preset string never having "(Custom)" suffix when in view mode of world gen customization screen.
  • Fixed broken custom mod left click actions.
  • Shadow hands will appear properly for clients now.
  • Fixed a memory leak in sound emitters.
  • Fixed a bug where sounds are sometimes dropped on clients for newly spawned entities (e.g. spiders coming out to investigate).
  • Restored Chester’s ability to morph.
  • Fix crash that could happen when changing world gen options in a preset.

December 24th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 122029

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wall pathfinding on clients
  • Shadow Skittish hallucinations will appear properly for clients now
  • Resolution switching fixed in full screen mode.

December 23rd, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 121979


  • People you have played with now appear in the Steam view players feature.
  • Added a color cube effect for player ghosts.
  • Game mode data has now been refactored into gamemodes.lua.
  • Game modes can be added from mods via AddGameMode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where lightning flashes sometimes causes a permanently darkened screen
  • Creepy Eyes and Shadow Watcher hallucinations will appear properly for clients now
  • Maxwell Statue will appear properly for clients now
  • Fixed crash when disabling mods that was caused by frontend assets not being reloaded. Future mods should refrain from overriding assets in the global prefab as they are unable to be unloaded when disabling mods.

December 17th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 121105


  • Notify users if they are running an unsupported version
  • Reduced update frequency to the listing server

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some players were being assigned black or transparent color for their user name
  • Removed unused_index code from client table
  • Fixed blocking Curl requests

December 16th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 120707


  • Customization option for alternate beasts
  • Removed resurrection items and recipes from Wilderness game mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where bush hat sometimes cancels immediately after it is activated
  • Fixed bug where spiders sometimes fail to investigate in a timely fashion when a player walks onto creep
  • Fixed memory leak in json parsing

December 15th, 2014 Begin of Open Beta (Phase 3) sửa

December 14th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 120547


  • Players can only be fed while they are idle
  • Added ability to disable snapshots through settings.ini
    • [network] enable_snapshots = false
  • Speed improvements to the server listing screen:
    • No longer ping servers you can’t join
    • Populate ping field with cached ping result

December 12th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 120483


  • Inventory animation is now shown when players give you an item
  • Added a new Wilderness game mode where player ghosts are disabled and players are spawned to random locations. Players are returned to the character select screen upon death.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash that occurs when a user joins a server during shutdown
  • Fixed client crash when a container is open during a world reset

Rev. 120363


  • Vote Kick option added to Player Status screen. Only available on dedicated servers when no remote admin is present. Currently disabled by default but can be enabled by changing VOTE_KICK_ENABLED in constants.lua
  • Permission lists (blocklist.txt, adminlist.txt) now support lines containing User ID only, without requiring empty separator sections
  • Block list now supports banning players by Steam ID in addition to User ID. Steam IDs can be manually added to the end of blocklist.txt, one per line.
  • Improved download speed of server listings
  • World reset can be cancelled by another live player spawning in, if the countdown was started upon resuming a server (e.g. Host was a ghost)
  • Eating animation is now shown when players are fed
  • Players can no longer be fed while sleeping

Bug Fixes

  • Fix text offset for “Remote:” to allow for translation
  • Fixed a bug where servers would not relist after a Steam outage

December 11th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 120293

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing a crash when failing to join a server (invalid password, wrong version, etc.)

Rev. 120265


  • Added c_announce console command for servers
  • Saving widget is now shown on clients
  • GetWorld and GetPlayer return more details about where they are being called from
  • Reduced network data overhead for entity construction
  • Join a friends game through Steam friends interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash on server when a player disconnects while sleeping
  • Player skeletons will now show the correct description when examined repeatedly
  • More accurate spider creep testing.
  • Fixed crash shutting down servers
  • Fixed details not loading in server listing screen
  • Fixed crash clicking server mods in server listing screen

December 10th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 120034


  • Spiderqueen has become more fertile, to deal with the human threat.
  • Ewecus focuses more on a single target.
  • Hound spawning rebalance for multiplayer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed disconnect on trying to auto-download more than one mod.
  • Fixed client Physics errors that would sometimes cause desyncs
  • Light from Miner Hat and Thermal Stone can now be seen by all clients
  • Fixed weird hair sometimes when wearing hats.
  • Fix crash in Spat when its target disappears
  • Profile/Mute icons no longer show up for dedicated servers
  • Optional adminlist.txt support added to allow remote administration of dedicated servers
  • Fixed cropping issue when using the lua console in ‘execute’ mode

December 9th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 119851


  • Mod character avatar textures and atlases are now set via images/avatars/avatar_prefabname.xml and avatar_prefabname.tex.
  • Many creatures will send out more defenders if you attack their homes.
  • Maxwell's influence can now be found in newly generated worlds.
  • More creatures have beefed up health for multiplayer.
  • Add separate messages for creating and resuming offline worlds.
  • Reduced network data overhead.
  • Abigail now stays with Wendy even after she dies.
  • Abigail’s flower now displays correctly for Wendy in containers.
  • Abigail’s flower will not bloom if it is held by or placed on the ground by any character other than Wendy.

Bug Fixes

  • Armor will no longer load with greater than 100% durability.
  • TheNet:LookupPlayerInstByUserID is now fault tolerant and will return nil if the player is not connected or out of range (client only).
  • Survival mode will now persist after world reset (rather than reverting to endless mode)
  • Server settings will now persist after world reset in survival mode
  • Ewecus will be unfrozen by attacking it
  • Players can no longer craft items while stuck by Ewecus
  • Fixed a bug in the server selection screen that made it difficult to join a server while refreshing
  • Fixed SaveIndex:Load crash when joining some servers
  • Fixed bug where clients can stay in game after getting kicked, banned or dropped.
  • Fixed crash when trying to join expired servers

December 5th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 119632


  • Temporarily disabled Steam “join on friend” feature
  • Fixed incompatible version filtering
  • Talking no longer cancels bush hat

Rev. 119587


  • Added warning on mutually exclusive flags in mod’s modinfo.lua.
  • Mods list now displays version mismatch message when it can’t display the list.
  • Reduce the size of RPC packets
  • Increase health of many of the "fight" creatures.
  • Copy over the Deerclops Freezing Hit from RoG.
  • Players can now be Frozen.
  • Fix helmet/armor absorption stacking so it's not so powerful.
  • Improve stunlocking so that multiple players can't trivially pin down a target.
  • Increase armor absorption, but decrease durability instead.
  • Increase player base attack value back to original value.

Bug Fixes

  • Objects and creatures with names will display properly when clients mouse over them.
  • Clients can now cancel bush hat by unequipping the hat or by moving
  • Players can no longer move around the world after they’ve already been disconnected.
  • Fixed certain spots on the ground that were incorrectly blocking deployables and plantables.
  • Hounds will not try to follow ghost players
  • If Steam Overlays are disabled, VisitURL opens an external browser
  • Fixed a crash in the server listing screen when refreshing
  • Fixed crashes that occurred when a client joined a server and didn’t have/wasn’t able to download the required mods.

December 4th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 119400


  • Make it so you can take only one copy of each character specific item out of the server with you (and zero copies if the character specific item is for a different character).
  • Make haunted spiders always drop glands.
  • Add whisper to the chat log for players within range at the time of sending.
  • Adding dst_compatible = true to a mod’s modinfo.lua file now prevents compatibility warnings from showing up when enabling a mod.
  • Add support for custom mod characters to specify their avatar texture and atlas. This avatar will appear in the player status screen as well as in the target indicator. In the character prefab’s common_postinit function, you can specify these via:
    • inst.avatar_tex = "avatar_charactername.tex"
    • inst.avatar_atlas = "images/avatars/avatar_charactername.xml"
    • inst.avatar_ghost_tex = "avatar_ghost_charactername.tex"
    • inst.avatar_ghost_atlas = "images/avatars/avatar_ghost_charactername.xml"

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cancel tip widget strings to not assume English syntax.
  • Fix for player badge crash when playing with modded characters.
  • Fix LAN mode not being saved properly.
  • Minor optimizations to RPC calls.

December 3rd, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 119235


  • Auto-subscribe to server mods option added to options screen. Defaults to false.
  • Added “<” and “>” characters to chat input
  • AddAction now backwards compatible with old api.
  • Items with the “irreplaceable” tag will now drop from your inventory, unless they are your own character specific items, when you disconnect.
  • Adding client_only_mod = true to a mod’s modinfo.lua file now prevents client only mods from showing up in the server's mod list.

Bug Fixes

  • Abigail can no longer be dispelled with one hit by players other than the owner
  • Host player is no longer immune to all Abigail auras
  • Tentacles will no longer target invisible entities
  • Fixed ghost badge not showing up sometimes when joining a Survival game in progress
  • Fixed crash sometimes when hammering an occupied bird cage
  • Fixed hard crash when refreshing server listings
  • Fixed issue causing long running servers to disappear from the server listing
  • Fixed crash sometimes when loading a saved game

December 2nd, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 119113

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Abigail crash on dedicated servers
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent players from joining dedicated servers with only one free slot
  • Fixed a crash in penguin herd

December 2nd, 2014 - Stuck in the Middle with Ewe sửa

See reference.[2]

New Stuff

  • Added a timer to Survival Mode that starts when all players are dead. A new world will generate with the same settings when it expires. Survival Mode differs from Endless Mode, where in the latter the world never resets.
  • Added a Jury-Rigged Portal.
  • Added the Ewecus.
  • Added the Varg.
  • Added Wendy as a fully supported character.
  • Added the ability to search for servers.
  • Added server tags.
  • Added the ability to only play with people from one's Steam Friend's list.
  • Added support for LAN/Offline Mode.
  • Steam Workshop was enabled.
  • Added Automatic Mod Handling.
  • Added Mod Uploader.


  • Items with the “nonpotatoable” tag (i.e. things that can’t be taken through the Teleportato) will now drop from a player's inventory when they disconnect.
  • Telltale Heart recipe, health penalty, and description changed.
  • WX-78 will now lose its upgrades on death and drop a random number of gears based on its level.
  • Server name is now limited to 80 characters.
  • Account creation now uses the embedded Steam overlay browser.
  • Reduce network data for sound events.
  • Log file will now display more info when dumping a stack trace.
  • AddAction and AddComponentAction changed to work with multiple mods.
  • Game now pauses on a Lua assert.
  • Removed LuaSocket (for mod safety).
  • Improved sandboxing (for mod safety).

Bug Fixes

  • Resurrection health penalties are now saved correctly.
  • Fires started by Willow’s low sanity can now be seen by all clients.
  • Announcements now use the correct player colors.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when spamming attack controls.
  • Fixed occasional hang on world load when it is raining.
  • Fixed LAN characters sometimes not resuming properly.
  • Unjoinable servers will no longer appear in the server list.
  • Fixed various components not going to sleep when their entity goes to sleep.
  • Optimized networking code sleepcheck.
  • All “logging in” strings moved to strings.lua.
  • Fixed issue with crashes that occurred in coroutines not being correctly handled.
  • Fixed issue where hound wave could start immediately if the world was started and ticked without any player spawned.
  • Fixed sanity animations on server.

November 28th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 118446

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue causing Don’t Starve Together to occasionally crash when loading into a world.

November 26th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 118152


  • The “Manage Bans” screen has become the Server Administration screen
  • Added automatic snapshotting of world state based on the daily autosave. The interval between snapshots (in days) and maximum number of simultaneous snapshots can be configured per world. Snapshots can be managed in the Server Administration screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Opening the pause menu, map, or chat bar no longer cancels movement
  • Players can no longer feed or give items to ghosts (except for the Telltale Heart)

November 24th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 117876

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where player profiles did not correctly load
  • Fixed issue where server listing may not refresh correctly
  • Fixed crash sometimes when haunting
  • Fixed combat timing bugs

November 21st, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 117660


  • Renamed “Ban List” to “Manage Bans”

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed physics bug when jumping out of wormholes
  • Fixed slow camera shake from distant meteor showers
  • Fixed various traps to not assert on dedicated servers and to act on the correct player on non dedicated servers.

Rev. 117414


  • Client movement prediction for player ghosts
  • Clients now have support for camera shakes
  • Improve meteor shower tuning (less stuff will accrue over time, which will reduce performance issues)
  • Add support for mod chars in playerbadge and targetindicator
  • Optimized network packet size
  • Player bans are now persistent rather than being cleared on shutdown. They can be managed through a new screen accessible from the server hosting screen, or by editing blocklist.txt (in the save folder) directly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where players will not stop sliding if they were revived while moving
  • Fix bug where clients may rubberband if the pause menu, map, or chat bar is opened while the player is moving
  • Fix missing name on some boulders spawned by meteors
  • Fix server listing refresh button not graying out properly
  • Fix assert when trying to spawn pengulls after a player left

November 17th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 116842


  • Feeding is now fully supported on clients
  • Feeding on PVP-disabled servers is restricted to non-harmful foods (health and sanity)
  • Optimized network serialization and deserialization
  • Reduced number of network packets being sent as well as overhead per packet
  • Add meteor spawners (burnt mark icon: density in the world of meteor showers) and meteor showers (meteor icon: frequency of actual showers) to the world gen customization options
  • Meteors of different sizes now do different amounts of work to entities near impact point
  • Clients can now interrupt their emote animations by moving or performing another action
  • Disabled Steam Cloud because it caused the game not to save properly. This may cause your saved worlds to become invisible(*).

Bug Fixes

  • Correct actions are now shown on mouseovers for clients
  • Fixed bug where spawn point may change when a server is resumed (requires generating a new world)
  • Fixed item dupe bug when disconnecting with an item on your cursor
  • Fixed bug where sometimes not all items in your inventory drop upon death
  • Fixed McTusk and hunting party duplication issue
  • Fixed assert with members of hunting party going to sleep at unanticipated moments.
  • Fixed a number of stale component references that would ultimately lead to asserts.
  • Fixed some badge avatars for ghosts not adhering to naming conventions.
  • Fixed a case that causes clients to sometimes get stuck in desync
  • Fixed bug where lightning can hit WX-78 even when lightning rods are around

November 7th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 116129

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where some actions would stop responding to mouse clicks
  • Fixed rare crash with Deerclops
  • Reduce CPU overhead with ping requests

November 6th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 115992


  • The minimap is now treated as a proper front end screen.
  • Add support to the scoreboard screen for servers > 4 players.
  • Increase max number of players to on a server to 6.
  • Move the setting for max number of players for server-creation to the tuning.lua file.
  • Variable is called MAX_SERVER_SIZE.
  • Make food with negative health values only give-able (not feed-able) when PvP is off.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Willow’s talking animation
  • Fixed clients sometimes desyncing when running against the edge of the world
  • Fix crash when mods are enabled and no mods exist in the mods directory.
  • Fix server details and mods list not being refreshed after user has clicked on report server or view mods.

Begin of Phase 2 sửa

November 5th, 2014 - ...In with the new sửa

See reference.[3]
Wolfgang In With The New

New Stuff

  • Add Wolfgang as an officially supported character.
  • Add meteor showers and associated resources and craftable.
  • Add slash commands (emotes).
  • Add Slash Command binding. Pressing [ / ] (default) will bring up chat with a “/” already entered.
  • Add ability to feed other players directly (rather than giving them food that goes into their inventory).
  • Add an indication of the host’s performance to the scoreboard screen.
  • Add an icon that appears in the top left when you (as a client) get desynced.
  • Add ability to join friends’ games via Steam (right click on their name in your Steam Friends list and click “Join game”) while already in a game or when Don’t Starve Together isn’t open.
  • Added Ban button to the scoreboard screen. Bans reset when the server restarts.
  • Added main menu widget to show login progress.
  • Add hover text for all details icons in the server browser.
  • Add friends icon to the server browser details column (appears for games hosted by Steam Friends).
  • Add filter for servers hosted by Steam Friends to the server browser screen.
  • Add mods icon to the server browser details column.
  • Add button to display list of mods enabled on a server to the server detail panel.
  • Add a warning when joining a modded server.
  • Add a list of mods enabled on the server to the bottom of the scoreboard screen.


  • Make default world size large for all presets.
  • Version mismatch between you and servers will make that server’s listing red on the server browser screen.
  • Increase PvP damage to .5 of normal (up from .25).
  • Increase distance between hunts that happen simultaneously.
  • MODS_ENABLED is now defined in settings.ini (which can be found in the Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether folder). To enable mods, open settings.ini and delete the “#” before the “MODS_ENABLED = true” line.
  • Change the chat font to match the characters’ dialog font.
  • Make the disconnected message for players who have been kicked more informative.
  • Put server name in report prompt.
  • Make server browser and creation screens say Back not Cancel.
  • Add new animation for exiting wormholes.
  • Make the default player color gray (rather than using one of the colors in the set of player colors).
  • Flattened the folder architecture: the DLC0002 folder is gone.

Bug Fixes

  • Improve combat responsiveness on clients.
  • Improve bug net responsiveness on clients.
  • Optimize netcode.
  • Improve (local game’s) performance.
  • Fix a crash that could happen with workable things getting haunted and breaking.
  • Fix crash that would occur when joining incompatible servers: now handled with a could-not-connect dialog.
  • Add missing characters to the (chat and character dialog) font.
  • WX-78’s upgrades are no longer capped at 255 (health: 400, hunger: 200, sanity: 300).
  • WX-78 now properly saves upgrades and overcharge state.
  • Prevent a currently-haunted thing from doing its haunt reaction again.
  • Fix client visual artifacts when digging up/placing turf.
  • Fix insanity monsters flickering on client when host is insane.
  • Fix erroneous hunt-failed announcement dialog.
  • Fix capital and lowercase server names with the same start getting sorted separately.
  • Fix animation issues that would occur sometimes after a client stops moving.
  • Fix sounds sometimes playing out of sync with their animation for clients.
  • Fix clients hearing double footsteps.
  • Fix sound not playing on character select screen.
  • Fix tallbird egg using wrong anim after being cooked.

October 28th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 114937


  • Simple account ban messaging. Notify users who have been globally banned from Don’t Starve Together for breaking our terms of service.
  • Ignore crash reports from games that are not authenticated.
  • Crash reports from games running with mods now include details about the mods that were enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed graphical glitches with fishing
  • Disable revealing minimap as ghost
  • Fixed crash bug at server shutdown
  • Fixed minor memory leak in networking
  • Fixed crash when trying to use fallback haunt shader
  • Fixed hounds permanently howling and not attacking

October 23rd, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 114581


  • Moved report server button to the left hand side of the server listing screen
  • View Steam profiles from the player status screen
  • Filter out old incompatible servers from the server listings page
  • Note: You may see an empty server listing right after the patch goes live, this means no one is currently running a compatible server. We will address this in a future patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash sometimes when two people haunt the same object
  • Fix crash sometimes when haunting a workable object
  • Fix crash on player status screen
  • Make report button use actual server name in prompt
  • Fix crash when two people use drying rack at the same time
  • Fix crash when igniting explosives such as gunpowder
  • Disable player controller when minimap is up
  • You can now properly rotate minimap
  • Fixed WX sparks sometimes showing at the wrong position
  • Fix bug where clients would sometimes drop animations

October 21st, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 114414


  • Scoreboard now shows players’ correct ages
  • Improved reliability of accounts and server broadcasting
  • View server description in-game
  • Increased minimap reveal radius

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed map and camera button tooltips to reference their correct key bindings
  • Fixed crash when shift-clicking blowdarts in containers
  • Fixed bug where client actions were being incorrectly dropped by the server
  • Implemented fallback to the haunt shaders for graphics cards that don’t support them
  • Fixed bug where player badge is broken for some characters on the scoreboard
  • Fixed target indicator to support mod characters
  • Fixed bug where clients sometimes crash when the host shuts down the server
  • Fixed animation bug when transitioning between player and ghost

October 17th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 114221


  • Added a scoreboard screen.
  • Shows server name and server day.
  • Shows player’s characters, color, days survived and ping.
  • Host can kick players.
  • All players can mute other players’ chat messages (known bug: mute only mutes global chat, not chat displayed above heads).
  • Set TAB key bound to show Scoreboard (hold to display). Control is bindable.
  • Set M key bound to show Map display (toggle display). Control is bindable.
  • Add a widget to the top left corner of the front end that displays if you’re connected to Steam.
  • Display a “left game” message when someone leaves the server.
  • Disable the Refresh button on the server browser screen while a search is in progress.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix event announcer widget moving around the screen when the window gets resized.
  • Fix a server creation screen crash with server data having a nil day.
  • Fix a crash that would occur if you plugged a controller in after startup.
  • Fix players sometimes turning their back after picking up an object.
  • Fix crash from haunting Mactusk’s hounds.

October 8th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 113281

  • Server passwords are now limited to alphanumeric characters
  • Fix crash in inventorybar for some players loading into game

October 8th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 113201


  • Heat rock needs to go to level 4 heat before it can degrade so oscillation doesn't happen during fall

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hard crash when steam goes down
  • Fixed melee combat range issue
  • Fixed server crash when a ghost disconnects
  • Fixed clock hover string at dusk
  • Book crafting is now available for Wickerbottom on clients as well as on host
  • All players will now receive their proper starting inventory when starting a new character (e.g. Willow’s lighter)
  • Fix soundemitter crash when haunting certain objects
  • Fixed server browser lua crash when changing filters with an empty list
  • Fix tilde bringing up the console while in chat mode
  • Removed mandrakes from build as they are currently unsupported
  • Removed unsupported world sizes from generation options
  • Fixed crash from picking up staff at hounds set piece
  • Fixed crash from crafting a tooth trap
  • Fix crash when inspecting a compass
  • Fix crash when re-joining a server that has pigs with hats
  • Fix crash when haunting blowdarts
  • Ice and blood UI overlay fixes for client
  • Disable spawning of unsupported items from generation options ( chess pieces, mandrake and caves )
  • Improved stability for starting or resuming on a world with slower connections
  • Fixed screen flash when spawning into a game

October 7th, 2014 - Hotfix sửa

Rev. 113005

  • Fixed issue with too many chesters appearing on map.
  • Fixed issue with characters sometimes going invisible when punching
  • Fix for authentication on some systems
  • Improved reliability of network data for slower connections
  • Resolved crash issue when signing up for account.

October 3rd, 2014 Begin of Closed Beta (Phase 1) sửa

References sửa

  1. 'Game Update - 126778 - 2/12/2015'
  2. "Stuck in the Middle with Ewe"
  3. ...In With The New Trailer

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