The Shopkeeper next to the path he spawned from.

The Shopkeeper is a mysterious man with a large umbrella covering his face and wearing a coat. On the tip of the umbrella, there is a small flag with a fire symbol on it. He can be viewed at the title screen. Every now and then he will tap his right foot four times.

Xuất Hiệnsửa

In order to find the Shopkeeper, the player has to be close to the world-generated cobblestone road while it's raining. Thunder will be heard and lightning will then strike the ground and the Shopkeeper will spawn. The player, when unarmed, will be able to talk to the shopkeeper when he spawns. The player may also attack the shopkeeper, but to no avail. Once the Shopkeeper is found, he will appear on the map as an umbrella. If you do not talk to him before the rain fades, he will disappear with the rain in thunder and a lightning flash, however, he will stay indefinitely if interact with him before the rain ends.

Nhiệm Vụsửa

When the player talks to the Shopkeeper, he will ask the player if they are tired and will offer them a way out. He will then instruct the player to bring him a certain mob, such as a Beefalo, in order to "get out." Winnie is needed for her Shepard's Staff, which will make Beefalo follow her around, or one may simply pull a Beefalo through attacking it and having it chase the player to the Shopkeeper. Once a Beefalo is in the same screen as the shopkeeper after the quest is accepted, he will put the Magic Beans in the player's inventory, saying the player must bury the Magic Beans in a grave and let the moon do all the work.

Lời Thoạisửa

After Bringing Animal:

  • Now, you can't just plant those beans in any old soil.
  • They require a powerful fertilizer.
  • Bonemeal, perhaps. A grave?
  • Then...
  • ...Just let the moon do the rest.

Placeholder.png Bên lềsửa

  • The in-game time will still advance while you are talking to him so be very careful when you are talking to him.
  • The Shopkeeper was in the vanilla game's files but went unused as a developer, Kevin, hated him.
    • There are other shopkeepers in the files, such as a pig shopkeeper, a shopkeeper that has a devil tail, a tool-man like shopkeeper, and a gardener shopkeeper.

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